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August 28, 2013  •  5 Comments

The mission of FarmHer is to document women in agriculture through photography. Recently I have been thinking (A LOT) about the purpose of FarmHer and how I can really, really do something good with it.  Not just something good, but something worthwhile.  Not just something worthwhile, but something that really changes people’s perceptions of a farmer. 

Photography | First and foremost, I am a photographer.  My goal is to use my camera and my vision to further this cause.  FarmHer is about documenting women in agriculture.  The only way for me to successfully join my passion of photography and my mission for FarmHer is to create these images in my style of photography.  I want to show these women to the world and I want to do that through beautiful images.  So, FarmHer is about women and it is about photography. 

Style | This project is about documenting women.  It never has been and never will be about posing people to create the perfect scene.  There is a place and time for those types of photos and this is not it.  Documenting for FarmHer means to follow and not dictate the photographs.  My goal is to capture the beauty in the every day and my style is to show who these women are through subtleties.  Subtleties that show these are women and portray that they are agriculture.  Too often in our world, the beauty of a woman; of an image, is judged by a face.  These are beautiful women, doing beautiful work and my goal is to bring an appreciation to what they do.  If you read the whole story, written through my images, I hope you end with a great understanding and appreciation of that woman, that farm and the beauty within.   This is why I encourage you to view my website and look at all of the images posted from each session.  Each one tells a unique story, while the whole strives to be an overall movement. 

Believe | This is a long-term project.  I believe in the idea of FarmHer.  I believe that the only way you change ideas and perceptions is consistency over time.  These changes might be subtle, but I believe they will occur.  When people see an image or idea regularly, they come to believe that it is way that things actually are.  By infusing images of women in agriculture into farm imagery we can change the way people perceive a farmer.   If you believe change is necessary and can occur, spread the word about FarmHer, tell your friends and family and come back to visit often.  

Twyla Hein, Earth Biscuit Farm






Phil Ray Jack(non-registered)
I grew up surrounded by strong country women who were treasured by their spouses. I was surprised when I got out on my own to discover how many people are intimidated by independent women. The more people can see women who are unafraid to be their true selves, the more we all benefit.

I love your work, love your cause, and admire you and the women you photographs. The beauty of your work is that it reveals their true beauty. Thank you!
My husband and I just moved from "the city" back to rural Kansas. Our main reasons were to be around family and to get into farming. Right now, I stay at home and grow just for our family, but I have been helping out with other farmers in the area as well as the farmer's market. Someone, that I think would be really valuable for your pictures here is my husband's grandmother. She is 85 now and still living on her farm. Her husband passed away in 1986. Since then she has run the farm with her son's help (Now, he does everything). I think there are many farmer's wives that should get credit for their work and dedication to this way of life. I visit with her 3 times a week and we talk about the different duties she had living on the farm. She loves to talk about the life she has lived. She moved from town to the country and moved into a home without electricity. She loves talking about the difference of her town life compared to moving out to the country.
I grew up in a family of farmers (though my parents lived in the city - 40,000). All of my Aunts were actively involved in farming from raising chickens/turkeys to driving tractors. This felt very natural to me so I love the idea of showing women in the role of FarmHer. I look forward to your photographs. I also enjoy that you have chosen to show these women actually participating in the role rather than "posing" them. Beauty and life take many forms.
This is an amazing blog and project. Your photography is stunning and nearly brings me to tears.
Jenny Depa-Karl(non-registered)
Awesome job! Please keep up the good work! Congrats to all the FarmHers out there...sharing blood, sweat and tears!
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